Catholic Evangelization through Scripture and Prison Ministry.

Listen to a talk with Deacon Ken and Marie Finn on marriage and family life.

Incorporated August 18th, 1989 - Present

Newsletters began in May 1982


Luke 4:18-19 – “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He has anointed me to bring glad tidings to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, and to proclaim a year acceptable to the Lord.”

St. Dismas Guild is a Catholic non-profit (Publisher and Distributor) organization began in 1982 and was incorporated in 1989. Our mission is to bring Jesus Christ, the Word of God, to the broken, the lost and the lonely, the sick and the imprisoned. St. Dismas Guild is a PRISON, PRO-LIFE, and PRO-FAMILY, Ministry in union with the magisterium of the Catholic Church.

Inspired by Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta, St. Dismas Guild began with the encouragement of (the late) Deacon Ken and Marie Finn to evangelize the poorest of the poor by writing and distributing Catholic books and materials Free of Charge to prisoners and to those who cannot afford them.  We rely on donations and volunteer workers to make this Ministry possible but do not participate in fund raising events.

St. Dismas Guild publishes and distributes teaching aids and commentaries on Holy Scripture, as well as other books and materials that promote Catholic family values.  All our books are soft cover and are mailed in boxes or cardboard mailers, Library Rate and take up to 3 weeks to arrive.

We receive over a hundred letters each month. When we receive a request, the person’s name is placed in our database and on our mailing list to receive a Monthly Newsletter.  We welcome personal testimonies and questions for our newsletter, although we cannot publish each one we receive.

We encourage each inmate to request a Bible and Bread of Life Bible Study Workbook. Everyone is welcome to download and print our Bible Study lessons each week by going to ~

Currently we send out approximately 30 packages each week (standard package - Bible, Bread of Life Catholic Bible Study Workbook, Basic Catechism booklet, various pamphlets including the rosary prayers and a list of all our books)  to prison facilities (currently in over 900) all across the United States and over 4,000 Monthly Newsletters.

We also offers a faith-based mentoring program, men to men and women to women only.

Thank you for your interest in St. Dismas Guild.
Please keep this Ministry in your prayers.


Thank you and blessings,
St. Dismas Guild Director





Donations to help us send free resources to prisoners
or those who cannot afford them
may be made out to:
St. Dismas Guild, PO Box 2129, Escondido CA 92033

Deacon Ken’s Reflection on Sunday’s Gospel Reading: LUKE 16:19-31Wealth was considered by the Pharisees to be a proof of righteousness. Today many people yield to the wealthy because they appear to be right on so many issues. Jesus tells us about a rich man who was punished and also about a poor man who was rewarded. We need to be very careful in the realization that the rich man was not punished because of his wealth; rather he was punished because of his selfishness.He allowed Lazarus to eat the scraps at his table and take home whatever he wanted that was to be thrown away. The rich man was in hell, not for what he did, but rather for what he did not do. The rich man feasted in luxury every day in a country where the people were fortunate if they ate meat once a week. Lazarus was waiting for the crumbs that fell from the rich man’s table. We need to remember that in those days, there were no knives, forks or napkins. Food was eaten with the hands. The hands were cleansed by wiping them on chunks of bread, which were then thrown away. This is what Lazarus waited to eat.We need also to remember that Lazarus was a beggar with terrible running sores all over his body and even the dogs feasted on him. Can you picture the incredible contrast between the two men? Judgment day brought justice to both men and the rich man suffers forever in eternity while Lazarus rests in the arms of Abraham (Hebrew concept of heaven).The rich man never ordered Lazarus removed from his gate. He did not kick him in passing. He was not deliberately cruel to him. The great sin of the rich man was that HE NEVER EVEN NOTICED HIM. He thought it perfectly natural that the beggar be accepted as part of the landscape. He also thought it acceptable that Lazarus should lie in pain and hunger while he wallowed in luxury.We need to reflect on our own status in today’s world. The hungry, the homeless, the aborted, the abandoned, the mentally sick, and the poor are all around us. Do we think ourselves generous if the unfortunate people eat what we throw away? We need to make sure that our sin today is not the horrible sin of omission. What we fail to do to the least among us, we fail to do to Christ (Matthew 25:31-46)....To view and print the entire bible study click the link below! #catholic #christian #sunday #bible #study #prisonministry ... See MoreSee Less
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