Secrets of a Happy Family

Listen to a talk with Deacon Ken and Marie Finn on marriage and family life.

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1 Corinthians 11:3  "I want you to know that the head of every man is Christ; the head of a woman is her husband; and the head of Christ is the Father." 


This book was written to provide a solid biblical understanding of God’s plan for the role of the man, woman, couple (husband and wife), child and parent in the family. This book is in English only. To purchase this book, please Email [email protected]


 • Provide a solid Biblical background for understanding God's plan for the functions, roles, and relationships of those who make up the family.
 • Show how families can live up to God's standard of moral laws.
 • Make clear the role of man, woman, couple (husband and wife), child, and parent through the power of the Holy Spirit.
 • Show how the Christian family is meant to be the domestic Church.
 • Show the relationship that Christ has with the Church (his bride) and the relationship that a husband has with his wife (his bride).

What is our Function in Writing this Book:
 • Distribute book in English.
 • Teach seminars based on the book.
 • Facilitate family retreats based on the book.
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