Welcome to all chaplains...  we encourage you to take a look at all the materials that we have available for you and the inmates at your facility, free of charge. These forms are available to you to print and distribute as we require the inmate to send it directly to us.  

Also, we love receiving testimonies for our newsletter so please encourage them to share what the Bread of Life Bible Study has done in their life.  A testimony consists of; 

1/3 of their life before Christ,

1/3 of how Christ came into their life  (conversion experience), and

1/3 of what Christ is doing in their life now. 


Thank you for your interest in St. Dismas Guild.

Please scroll down this page to read and print our Letter to Chaplains, a List of Books and Request Form, and our List of items Not Available.


St. Dismas Guild staff

Donations to help us send free resources to prisoners
or those who cannot afford them
may be made out to:
St. Dismas Guild, PO Box 2129, Escondido CA 92033